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One Direction= The Reason I Live and Breathe

One Direction= The Reason I Live and Breathe

My name's Nikita and I love One Direction more than Louis loves carrots and Kevin, more than Zayn loves/needs his mirror, more than Niall loves Nando's, more than Harry loves getting naked and more than Liam hates spoons! ♛
I met OneDirection on March 11,2O12. Louis asked me to play the 1D game and he told me he loved me. Louis touched my hand twice and Liam touched it once. Zayn and Niall smiled at me and Harry said hi. I WANT ONEDIRECTION FOR MY BIRTHDAY!
Louis William Tomlinson
Zayn Jawaad Malik
Niall James Horan
Harry Edward Styles
Liam James Payne
They are the five reasons as to why I'm still single :*
Niall will be saying Kiss me I'm irish, while Zayn is breaking tables, Louis eating carrots, Harry trying to kill Kevin and Liam beat boxing.
I LOVE Cher Lloyd, Ed Sheeran, Olly Murs, Conor Maynard, and Example <3
Five boys, 9 kidneys and 12 nipples <3
You've Got To Live Hardcore To Be Hardcore (YH2BH)
Swag, swag, swag on Lou.
Niall by the fire, and he's eating fondue.
Liam knows about me,
Harry knows about you.
So say hello to DJMalik in 3, 2.. Swag.♥